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Hi ladies! Today’s post is especially for girls (unless you want to wear woman shoes), as you can see in the title the thing is about sandals. Maybe many of you have bought this year’s sandals, but for the ones you haven’t do it yet (and for the ones that don’t care how many of them fit in their shoe rack) there’s this post to help you find the perfect ones.

▷ For everyday

I personally watch for versatile shoes, so they have to match any outfit and they have to be comfortable. Because of that I searched for the perfect sandals for everyday:

This ones are from Asos; Fringes are a must this year and suede too, so they’re absolutely on trend. I think they’re adorable and could go perfectly with any informal outfit.

This sandals may not be everyone’s cup of tea but I kind of love them, this vintage form with the coloured centre gives this sandals an special touch. Maybe if where you live it’s too hot on summer I wouldn’t buy them but if you live in the UK or places where summer is not 34º everyday I’ll pick them for sure.
This pair are really similar and I personally don’t know which one is more cute but of what I’m sure is that they’re perfect.

The sole is like an espadrille so I think it will take the form of your feet and be comfortable, that’s the most important. The brown colour of the first ones give a more casual look while the ones in rose gold look more elegant.

As you have seen flatforms are a must this summer, and I don’t know if you knew it or it’s just me that I was unaware that Zara Home had a clothing and shoe collection. Well, I discovered this a couple of days ago and I have to say that this flatforms are perfect for this season, kind of elegant and informal at the same time. I would wear them with some distressed jeans and a basic tee or a little white dress.
I think this ones couldn’t be missing. This shape is typical from the brand Birkenstock and this year is becoming a trend around the world. The ones above are from Jeffrey Campbell; I think this it’s a type of shoe that’s very comfortable and cool to wear everyday. Apart from the typical white or black ones this rose gold will match any outfit too.

▷ Cocktail time

I thought about elegant sandals too, those you’ll use for especial events or dates ^^
I fell in love when I saw them on the website, so I had to share them with you. As you can see they’re flatforms too but this shiny caviar sole gives a fancy look to the sandals that I can’t even explain. I totally see them with a little black dress and a white clutch, monochrome outfit.

bimba taló
This wedges are from Bimba & Lola too, yes, I have an adiction to this brand and their accesories. This shoes are perfect if you’re searching for a basic, the red strape makes a beautiful contrast with the black on top and it’s just lovely.
This kind of shoes are a must have, you can wear with everything: jeans, skirts, playsuits… And red, well, red shoes are stunning. They’re wide fit, so if you have trouble to fit your feet on beautiful shoes, this ones are for you.

I have an strange attraction to all holographic and in this silver shade I think it’s perfect for a pair of heeled sandals. This specific shape of sandals are really elegant, I would have a pair for special ocasions ‘cause they would make any outfit look smart.

Well, I hope you found your perfect sandals, or at least you liked the post. I’ll see you soon on my next post!
Bye! ♥

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  1. Sincerament, cada dia m’agrada més el teu blog. Es nota l’entusiasme, l’esforç i la dedicació. Aquest post en especial m’ha encantat i m’ha donat moltes idees. Grasias bonita

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