Hey ladies, It’s been a while since I posted my last review of a beauty product, so today I’m here to give you my opinion of an alternative to the expensive (I think so) Clarisonic, or mechanical brushes.

Last month I ordered this “beauty gadjet” ‘cause in some one of my monthly favourites I showed you the Garnier exfo-brush, but the results of it only lasted for 1 or 2 days, so I thought I had to find a face brush, something like Clarisonic or a manual one. 

And some months ago I heard ‘bout the NEXA, and I decided to search on the website to buy it. For my surprise they just released a new model that was exclusively for face, and it was discounted! And how not, I bought it here

It comes with differents heads and accessories:

▷ 1 for face – normal
▷ 1 for face – sensitive skin
▷ 1 for face – microdermabrasion
▷ 1 sponge head – to apply cream products 
▷ 1 massage head 
▷ 1 support, to keep the brush standed
▷ 2 AA batteries 
▷ 1 bag, to transport the NEXA or keep it inside

That’s the first look of the product when you open it. The first surprise for me was that the batteries came with the NEXA, and that’s a point. And the second one was that I thought that the head would be revolving (I think it’s called like this) and the brush, all the product all it does is vibrate… I don’t know if that does something different than if you turn it on and brush your face, but I think not. 

I used the 3 facial brushes, (I didn’t try the other heads, ‘cause simply I don’t need them) the one for sensitive skin is sooo soft I love the texture, but it does nothing for my pores so I normally use the “microdermabrasion” and the normal one. I love those because I always had big pores and using this once or twice a week I can keep my face really, really soft. I know it may seem a bit stupid, but I don’t use the entire NEXA, I just use the heads, because it does no difference for me. Yep, call me crazy but I do it like this, I’m too lazy to dismount my NEXA everytime I brush my face.

Well, in summary it’s a good product for the price I paid that was 14’99€ I think, now is not discounted and it’s 29’99€, I don’t know if I would pay this price for it now but if you’re searching for a cheaper facial brush I think this one is a good alternative!

Well, that’s all for today ladies, I hope you like my post and I’ll see you soon on the next one, I think I’ll do something related to Christmas, but shhhh it’s a secret ^^
Bye! ♥

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