Cornmeal cookies ♨

Hello guys! I hope you had a nice new year’s eve, today, the first day of 2015, the post is about cooking.  Last week I bought some cookie molds with which you can write on the cookie. They come with letters and pre-made words like “happy” “holidays” “birthday” and more like those ones, ‘cause is quite a drag putting the letters one by one on the “rail”, well, you’ll see it right now.

That’s how it looks, I think you can imagine how it works. It seems some kind of kid toy but it’s really adorable to make something special ^^

I decided to try those molds and I made some cookies to do it, today I will explain how to make them!


① 1 egg
② 250 gr. of cornmeal flour (unrefined) 
③ 150 gr. of butter
④ 100 gr of icing sugar (if you don’t have it I will explain below how to make it)
⑤ Orange or lemon zest/juice


① Pre-heat the oven at 180º 
② Put the butter on a bowl, be sure is not cold or melted, it should be at room temperature.
③ Beat the butter until it’s getting creamy.
④ Put the sugar
    ☞To make icing sugar with normal sugar we just have to ground the sugar with a coffee grinder or something similar.

⑤ Add to the mixture the citric zest or juice you like and the egg.
⑥ The last thing is the flour. Mix it using an electric mixer and do it with a manual utensil when is getting harder to do.
⑦ Put a bit of flour (refined) on the kitchen table or just extend some oven paper.
⑧ When the mash is not sticking into your hands put it on the oven paper.
⑨ Roll out the mash and  make the form of the cookies with the molds. Now is time to put the letters if you have them.
⑩ Put the cookies on an oven tray and let them until they’re golden (15-20 min.)
⑪ Let them cool.
⑫ Melt the chocolate and spread it on the flat side of the cookie.
⑬ Let them cool again

Hey, and now the most important step of the recipe: EAT THEM!

I hope you like the recipe, I made them and took them to school on the last day before holidays and my friends told me that they tasted good, so.. I thought it would be nice sharing how I made them with you. This recipe above is the original, with unrefined flour, but I made it with refined one and it’s a bit difficult because you have to put lots of flour and the mash is really sticky, so is better do it with unrefined flour.

That’s the first post of the year, I hope you had a nice 2014 and thanks a lot to the people that supported me from the beginning, and those who follow my blog or have discovered it, anyway thanks to everybody and I wish you have a really super lovely 2015. 

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