Chocolate brownies recipe

Good afternoon readers! I posted the last recipe a while ago and I thought it would be nice to make another one because I like baking for my friends and special ocasions. This time I wanted to bake something for a friend who’s celiac so I didn’t used wheat flour but if you don’t have the flour I’m using you can pick the wheat one.

If you want to cook for celiac people you have to be really careful ‘cause everything you touch with the ingredients cannot be contaminated by elements that contain gluten. Be careful and clean everything well before start cooking!



♦  3 eggs

♦  85g of flour (the type depends on if you want to do it without gluten or not)

♦ 170g of chocolate

♦ 113g of butter

♦  250g of sugar

♦ 5g of baking soda or (gluten free) yeast


First and the most important part is (if you cook for a celiac person) as I said before, cleaning well all you’re going to cook in. After that and preparing the ingredients you can preheat the oven at 175º. Then you have to crack the chocolate and melt it applying by parts the butter. I did it on a little saucepan so I had to be really careful and be stirring all the time because chocolate gets burnt easily, so watch out!


Next thing you have to do is beat the eggs with the sugar and then add the rest of the ingredients. I didn’t use hand mixer but if you like you can do it.


Now you have the mixture done all you have to do before pouring it into a mold is spread butter into this one. I put a bit of butter on the base and used this silicon brush to spread it.
Then all you have to do is pour the mix into the mold, put it into the oven and wait! *If you want to get a more “coulant” texture leave the brownies on the oven for just 15-20 minutes, if you want them more compact 30-35, as you like. 
After that long waiting time: TADÁ! you have your brownies nearly ready to eat. Just cut them into squares and put them on a plate to serve.


That’s it! I have to say it’s the very first time I make a really tasty dessert, I think it’s pretty easy and I’m sure that you’ll do it that good or more 


Well, I hope you enjoyed the post and  if you want let me know what you think about it. Surely my favourites will be delayed again ‘cause I got 2 weeks full of exams so… See you soon >.<
Bye ♥

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